Current Weather

Embed Current Weather in Notion

See what the weather is like right now, in your Notion workspace.

Try the Demo in Notion

Widget Demo 👇

How to add the Current Weather widget to Notion

1. Navigate to

2. Select the kind of weather widget you want.

notion image

3. Set the location

You can make the location the weather is pulled from be fixed or search a location. You can also set some other settings
notion image

4. Copy the code

notion image

5. Head to the Potion Custom Code widget to paste this code.

This code won’t embed in Notion on it’s own. You need someone to host. That’s where Potion Widgets comes in! We can host the widget just follow the steps on the custom code page.

6. Split up the script code and html code for the custom code widget

Anything inside the <script> tags need to be pasted into the JS tab in the custom code widget. the other html can be pasted into the HTMl tab.

7. Paste url in Notion

Head to Notion and add an embed block. You can do this by typing a forward slash and typing embed. Paste the url in your clipboard to the block.
notion image

And that’s it! Thanks for using Potion Widgets


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