Pomodoro Study Timer

Embed Pomodoro Study Timer in Notion

Pomodoro Timer to study more efficiently. Embed directly into Notion using Potion

Try the Demo in Notion

Widget Demo 👇

How to add the Pomodoro Study Timer widget to Notion

1. Copy the demo link above

There is only one link needed for everybody. 👇
notion image

2. Your time is saved when moving in-between pages

The Pomodoro widget will save your countdown when navigating between Notion pages. So you don’t have to worry about it losing your countdown. It stores it in local storage.

3. Paste url in Notion

Head to Notion and add an embed block. You can do this by typing a forward slash and typing embed. Paste the url in your clipboard to the block.
notion image

And that’s it! Thanks for using Potion Widgets


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