Sell Products with Reetail

Embed Sell Products with Reetail in Notion

A way to sell products from right within Notion. Can add to your website!

Try the Demo in Notion

Widget Demo 👇

How to add the Sell Products with Reetail widget to Notion

1. You’ll need to create a free Potion account if you don’t have one.

If you already have an account you can log in. You can also use your Potion account if you have one for creating websites.

2. Install Reetail app on Stripe

Log in to your Stripe Dashboard and install the Reetail app.
notion image

3. Add products

Add a new product in the Products tab of Stripe dashboard.
notion image

4. Create your store

Click the Create Store button on Reetail app dashboard. Your online store is now created. Access it by clicking View my Reetail Store.
notion image

5. Embed the store in Potion

To embed the store in your Potion page, create a new Custom Widget.
notion image
Copy this into the HTML section:
Make sure to replace the src with your Store URL.
notion image

6. Copy the widget url that’s hosted by Potion.

notion image

7. Paste URL in Notion

Head to Notion and add an embed block. You can do this by typing a forward slash and typing embed. Paste the url in your clipboard to the block.
notion image

And that’s it! Your store should now be embedded in your Potion website.

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