Embed Spotify in Notion

This widget allows you to put your favorite song or playlist from Spotify in Notion.

Try the Demo in Notion

Widget Demo 👇

How to add the Spotify widget to Notion

1. Navigate to Spotify.

You can make an embed for a single track or for a whole playlist.

2. Click the 3 dots and then hover on share.

notion image

3. Click Embed playlist.

A popup will appear that will allow you to make some visual changes to the embed.
notion image

4. Copy code.

Copy the widget code by hitting “copy” in the bottom right.

5. Paste url in Notion

Head to Notion and add an embed block. You can do this by typing a forward slash and typing embed. Paste the url in your clipboard to the block.
notion image

And that’s it! Thanks for using Potion Widgets

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